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“The gift which I am sending you is called a DOG, and is in fact the most precious & valuable possession of mankind.” – theodorus gaza

Why Train Your Dog?
There are so many right answers to the question “why should I train my dog?” Here are my top reasons:

  • My number one reason – training could save your dog’s life! There are several scary scenarios that can be offered here including bolting out the front door or out of the car, about to cross a busy intersection, spills on the floor that could be hazardous or toxic. How will you protect your dog if he doesn’t know what your words or actions mean?
  • For shelter dogs, saving a life through training means that the dog is more likely to find a new home when he is trained and well-behaved.
  • A well-behaved dog has more freedom – training means you can trust your dog to behave in various situations and environments.
  • Training develops, strengthens and maintains your bond with your dog.
  • Your family, friends and neighbors will like your dog, too.

Meet Maryanne Fiedler, ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer
With a deep respect and devotion for dogs, Maryanne uses positive training techniques that help owners form strong relationships with their dogs.

As a Behavior and Obedience volunteer at local shelters and through working with other trainers, Maryanne has obtained priceless knowledge about working with dogs and puppies and the intricacies of their relationships with their people. She is passionate about helping owners develop their dogs into happy, well-balanced family members.

Along with basic obedience, Maryanne can help you solve behavioral problems like housebreaking, socialization, aggression and anxiety. She is also certified in Pet CPR by the American Red Cross and a full member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).

Dog training is a full-time commitment – all dog owners are dog trainers. Maryanne is your training partner and an advocate for you and your dog!

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