Larry the Pit Bull puppy with Maryanne Fiedler, certified dog trainer

Larry the Pit Bull puppy works on his recall with Maryanne Fiedler, certified dog trainer.

October 14, 2013
I had a lot of options for training my puppy Larry. So many training schools believe their methods are the best and will try to sell you everything. From the first time I spoke with Maryanne I knew my puppy was going to be trained well but in the most humane, positive, and capable environment. Maryanne takes the time to work with her puppy parents and lends so much insight and knowledge to dog training. If you have the opportunity to work with Maryanne or attend classes with The Proper Pup, know your dog is in the best hands out there! If I could give them 20 stars I would.

Rufus relaxes after graduating from Puppy Kindergarten

Rufus relaxes after graduating from Puppy Kindergarten!

May 20, 2013
I’m so glad I enrolled Rufus into puppy kindergarten at The Pet Campus. This was a great way to socialize my pup with other dogs. Maryanne was our trainer and boy is she fantastic. Maryanne taught me everything I needed to know about having a new puppy – right down to Rufus’s nutritional needs! I couldn’t believe how much I learned in just the first class! Maryanne patiently took her time with each dog, and the dogs responded to her as if they belonged to her. We learned techniques using positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviors and to discourage the unwanted ones as well. In no time, all of the puppies were following along with little effort.  

Today, Rufus is an extremely well behaved and healthy pup. I am grateful to The Pet Campus, and especially Maryanne, for teaching me how to develop my faithful companion into the little gentleman he is today, and I plan to enroll Rufus in future classes. I highly recommend The Proper Pup for any and all training needs.
Donna B.

Pippa from Komforts of Home Petsitting

Pippa, A Happy customer of Komforts of Home Petsitting.

January 10, 2013
Being a dog sitter I run into many unique personalities and am always reaching out to Maryanne for her expert advice. When she enters the room all dog eyes are on her – It’s like, “Look the trainer lady is here, lets see who can impress her the most”. I’m often asked if I have a trainer I would recommend and am always proud to refer her. Because of Maryanne there are a lot of happy and healthy dog/human relationships. Again and again I hear shinning reviews and how thankful everyone is to have found her
Lisa S. Komforts of Home 

Lola loves training with Maryanne Fiedler Certified Dog Trainer Newtown Pa 18940

Lola loves training with Maryanne!

January 9, 2013
Maryanne trained my dog when she was a puppy. she is awesome!! i have a lab so she is very playful and likes to jump a lot. Maryanne trained her to listen and play nicely :-)
Galina W. 

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