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Dog Training Philosophy

“You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.”
We are all familiar with the proverb. This is the dog training philosophy at The Proper Pup Dog Training. When we are acknowledged or rewarded for our accomplishments, we feel good and want to work harder. Your dog is no different. Maryanne, and all of the dog trainers she works with, use reward-based dog training methods to teach. Through positive reinforcement, you reward and strengthen your dog’s good behaviors and manners. This dog training philosophy also helps you build trust, respect and leadership with your dog.

From Maryanne Fiedler:
As a child, there were always pets in the house. Yes, I was one of those kids that talked mom into getting me a puppy with promises of “I’ll feed her and walk her, Mom, I promise!” Admittedly, I didn’t always keep my word, but I knew that the bonds I had with my cats and dogs were unlike any with my ‘human’ friends and family. Years would pass and I would be well into my career as a Director of Marketing before a Golden Retriever named Lucy would come into my life and I would decide that this passion for pets should be channeled into something that would give me the opportunity to positively impact dogs and their relationships with their people. I started registering Lucy and me in group training class after group training class… read a bunch of great books written by other dog trainers and behaviorists and registered myself at the Animal Behavior College so that I could formalize my education and earn my certification as a Pet Dog Trainer.

Through my education, the work I do as a Behavior and Obedience volunteer at shelters near my home in Bucks County, PA, and working with the certified trainers at my vet’s office and a local doggie daycare/training facility, I have obtained priceless knowledge about working with dogs and puppies and the many intricacies of their relationships with their people. I am excited and passionate about helping owners develop their dogs into happy, well-balanced members of their family and continuing my work with local rescues to re-home shelter dogs.

Here at The Proper Pup Dog Training you can find information about individual training programs for you and your puppy or dog. You can find more information on The Proper Pup Facebook page. For information about group classes, please visit The Pet Campus where I work with additional certified trainers in group environments.

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