veterinary challenges

We try so hard to do our best for our dogs to keep them healthy, mentally and physically. We feed only the best quality diets, ensure that they get plenty of exercise, give them all the love we have, a safe, warm home, and we get them to the vet for their routine health checks and vaccinations. What do we do when something is out of our control?

Hubbell, my 11-month-old Golden, has a severe allergy to all Sulfonamide antibiotics; a trip to the ER and night in ICU allergy! We learned that when, at 7 months old, he was prescribed Primor to treat a case of Giardia that he likely contracted at doggie daycare. Within an hour of being given the dose, Hubbell was extremely agitated and hallucinating. He was chasing things and running scared from things that weren’t there. It was very scary and there was a fear of seizures so Hubbell spent the night in the ICU at VSEC in Levittown, PA.  Hubbell recovered and the Giardia treatment was changed to Panacur, which is typically prescribed for de-worming.

Fast forward 4 months and Hubbell is battling some pretty intense diarrhea. No dietary changes, no lethargy, no other symptoms. Just diarrhea. After four or five days of trying to resolve it, off to his vet we go.  Now, we learn that the Giardia is still present AND he has Coccidia. Of course, the primary medication used to treat Coccidia is – you guessed it – a Sulfonamide! Thankfully, my veterinarian did her research, made some phone calls and, after some consultation, we decided to treat the Giardia first with a course of two antibiotics.  Hubbell would spend five days with pretty aggressive dosages of Metronidazole and Panacur.

I cannot express enough how wonderful this boy of mine is! He takes his medicine with ease… Panacur (a liquid med) in some plain yogurt and the Metronidazole tucked nicely into his bland, boiled chicken and rice. He’s a trooper. And his attitude? No change at all! Still as energetic and active as ever. Oh, did I mention that he’s a Golden Retriever? Do you know what happens when a Golden with a lot of flowing coat on his hind quarters has lose stool? Let’s say thank goodness the weather is warm because the hose is in regular use!

BUT, all in, Hubbell has been struggling with diarrhea for 10 days now. The antibiotics and the bland diet are not helping to resolve his intestinal challenges. I’m getting more and more worried and, frankly, annoyed.  It is Saturday morning and I’ve left a voice message for the vet. Where do I go from here?  Stay tuned…

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  1. I would try U of P veterinary school.

  2. Thank you, Sue. I haven’t ruled that out!

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