training games for the whole family – “puppy in the middle”

The whole family should be involved in training – consistency is key!
Teaching your puppy to “Come” (Recall) is so incredibly important – perhaps the most important behavior he will ever learn. It could keep your dog out of trouble or maybe save his life someday. Young puppies will easily come to you when called. They are still dependent on you for so many things and haven’t yet began to exercise their independence. Oh… but they will! Use the time you have while your puppy is still young to teach and reinforce “Come.” Getting good at it early will help you and your dog perfect the behavior as he becomes an adolescent. Here is a fun game that will help reinforce the Recall and you can get the whole family involved.

Puppy in the Middle: Have 4 or 5 family members or friends sit on the floor in a circle. Be sure that each player is armed with a clicker and a lot of small, pea-sized, yummy treats. Call your puppy back and forth, “Lucky Come!” As the puppy goes to each person, that player should “click and treat.” Players should take random turns to test the puppy’s response. You can remain close together at first, but gradually move further away or to other rooms. This can be played outside, too, as long as you are in an enclosed area or with the puppy outfitted with a well-fitted harness and a long leash line (15’ – 50’ training line).??

Puppy in the Middle is a fun game and a great way to play and interact with your puppy while teaching or reinforcing important behaviors. The primary purpose of the game is to work on the Recall, but it’s great for reinforcing your puppy’s name, too!

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